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Recognised for its operational efficiency, numerous safety features and quality of design and build, Smoothline is the UK’s premier body for asphalt work.

Close attention to details in design and build stands PPG apart from its competitors.

Tar hatches are air insulated to avoid cold spots and are fitted externally to give a large aperture.  The design and positioning minimises load build up and fouling of the hatch in operation.

The bottom locking bar of the horizontally split tailgate is hidden behind a sloping back plate minimising the risk of tar build up.  Powered by a heavy duty ram, the design is tolerant of hinge wear and developed to ensure that even when the vehicles air pressure drops, the locking bar remains closed.

Operator safety was key in development of the two part safety system that prevents unintended tailgate opening.  Removable tailgate clamps are fitted to stop the tailgate from being inadvertently opened when the hatches are in use.

Operator safety is further enhanced with the carefully designed headboard ladder and walkway that ensures three points of contact can be maintained at all times.  Tar hatch extension handles aid the safe operation of the hatches from either side of the vehicle.  These are stored in dedicated holders on the headboard.

Operational efficiency is also gained through ease of maintenance and the use of long lasting, durable components.  Wherever possible, vulnerable or wearing parts are bolted meaning that they can be quickly and easily replaced.  To improve performance, all hinges, ram pivots and locking bar mounts are supplied with grease nipples.  Where possible these parts are also galvanised to prevent rust.